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Dawning Night RPG

Name & Website/Journal: Dawning Night RPG dawning_night

Format: Livejournal

Genre: Heroes/Doctor Who/Torchwood/Marvel/DC/Stargate X-over RPG


Age limit or Rating: Mature

Deadline: Open Ended

Game Info: 2012: The ashes of a bitter war have finally settled. An unjust tyrant has finally been deposed, and a compassionate leader put in his place. A small gathering of special people heralded the victory, and began the move toward a rebuilding.

However, another war is already creeping under the surface. Indeed, a danger far greater than this world has ever witnessed is about to fall upon it. One so great, no hero can face it alone. The only hope for this hapless world is an alliance of all those who call themselves Earth's protectors.

But even if they unite under one banner...can even they stand?

- General Backstory -

2006, November 7th. Having painted his own death numerous times, Isaac Mendez retreats from New York and goes into hiding. A day later, New York explodes, and time continues on in much the same way as Hiro Nakamura witnessed in his trip to 2011.

2007, March 16th. Isaac Mendez accidentally draws the death of a young girl, and is instrumental in rescuing her with the help of a man named Aaron Rosen. Later that year, the Petrelli family is found brutally murdered in their home.

2008, September 24th. Isaac Mendez and a small group of Special people, including Hiro and Peter, organize a mass-break out of the Special Prison Moab, and formally creates the Rebellion with those rescued

2010, June 10th. Elle Bishop defects to the Rebels, and works as an undercover agent against President Petrelli, now known to the rebellion as Sylar.

2012, Mid-August. Rose and Jack are suddenly and unknowingly ripped from their universe and dropped into this one, along with the TARDIS, and sans their Doctor

2012, Early December. The Rebellion stages a successful coup, killing President Sylar in the process, and placing Peter Petrelli into the Presidency in his stead.

2012, December 21st. Jack reawakens in the Torchwood morgue, after his encounter with Abbadon

2012, December 23-26th. Bruce Wayne organizes a Christmas party for high profile people across America and Europe--a thin disguise for a Super Hero Christmas Party. A presumed glitch in his security systems causes a three day lock down of the manor. The Joker, whose entrance triggered the lock down, makes his appearance, but finds little interest in attacking now that the security measures are in place, and chooses instead to make trouble.

Torchwood, Time Agent-Jack, and the Doctor uncover a plot by the Time Agency to use the collection of super heroes for a dark plot, and are able to combine their forces with those of the X-men and Bruce Wayne to thwart it. In the scuffle, the Joker is apparently killed by Myfanwy, but his body disappears.

When the security defenses deactivate, the Doctor returns to the TARDIS, Torchwood returns to the Hub, and Time Agent-Jack returns home in a concerted effort to prevent the completion of the Time Agency's plans--resulting in the two year memory wipe of Jack.

The others at the party go their separate ways, and a meeting between the X-men and the President is planned.

2012, December 27th. Jack vanishes from Torchwood with the Doctor. Rose and Jack make contact with Bruce Wayne and Rachel Dawes.

| Application | Rules | Taken Characters/PBs | Canon Details |

Needed characters:


Season 1 - 1 year post 5 Years Gone


Sylar, Hana, Noah Bennet, Sandra Bennet, Nathan Petrelli, Heidi Petrelli, Simon/Monty Petrelli, Simone Deveaux, Charles Deveaux, Angela Petrelli, Charlie Andrews, Chandra Suresh, Shanti Suresh, DL Hawkins, David Linderman, Maury Parkman, Kaito Nakamura, The Haitian


Adam Monroe - 400 year old founder of the Company
Elle Bishop - Presidential Secretary, Rebel Intelligence, ex-fling of Isaac
Hiro Nakamura - Time Traveler, Ex-rebel
Lyle Bennet - Tactician to the rebels
Matt Parkman - Ex-Head of Homeland Security
Micah Sanders - Rebel tech expert
Mohinder Suresh - Vice President, family friend of the Petrellis
Molly Walker - Rebel Strategist, unofficial adoptive daughter of Isaac
Niki Petrelli - First Lady, married to Peter
Peter Petrelli - President of the United States, married to Niki
Zachary Teller - Member of the rebels, friend of Claire

Doctor Who

Post-Season 3, Pre-Season 4


The Doctor, ANY regeneration - Last Time Lord, Earth's Defender
Donna Noble - Companion of the Doctor
Martha Jones - Doctor, Companion of The Doctor, Member of UNIT
Mickey Smith - Ex-Boyfriend of Rose Tyler, Companion of The Doctor
Rose Tyler (S2-3)- Earth's Defender, Companion of the Doctor,
Sarah Jane Smith - Companion of The Doctor, Earth Defender, Member of Torchwood(Optional)


Pre-Season 2


Jack Harkness - Leader of Torchwood 3, Ex-Companion, Ex-Time Agent
Owen Harper - Second-in-Command of Torchwood, Doctor
Toshiko Sato - Science Officer, Rift Monitor


616 - 2012

Ben Grimm/The Thing - Best Friend of Reed Richards
Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto - Leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Old friend of Charles Xavier
James Howlett/Logan/Wolverine - Member of the X-men
Jean Gray/The Phoenix - Wife of Scott Summers
Johnny Storm/Human Torch - Brother of Sue Richards
Ororo Munroe/Storm - Third in Command of the X-men
Peter Parker/Spiderman - Manhattan's local hero
Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic - Leader of the Fantastic Four
Remy LeBeau/Gambit - Member of the X-men
Scott Summers/Cyclops - Second in Command of the X-men
Steven Rogers/Captain America - America's oldest hero
Sue Richards/Invisible Girl - Reed Richards' Wife, Second in Command of F4
Tony Stark/Iron Man - Head of Stark Industries
Victor Von Doom/Dr Doom - Arch enemy of Reed Richards
Wade Wilson/Deadpool - Hired Assassin, associate of Cable


Free, 2012

Arthur Curry/Aquaman - Member of the Justice League
Bruce Wayne/Batman - Gotham's Dark Knight, Head of Wayne Industries
Clark Kent/Superman - Man of Steel, Head reporter of the Daily

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman - Amazonian heroine, member of Justice

Hal Jordan/Green Lantern - Member of the Justice League
J'onn J'onnz/Martian Manhunter - Member of the Justice League
Lex Luthor - Superman's arch nemesis, Head of Luthor Corp
Wally West/The Flash - Member of the Justice League

Stargate SG1

Season 10, 2012

Lt Col. Cameron Mitchell - Leader of SG-1
Doctor Daniel Jackson - Member of SG-1, Head archaeologist and linguist, Ex-Ascended
General George Hammond - Ex-head of Stargate Command, Head of Homeworld Security
General Hank Landry - Head of Stargate Command
General Jack O'Neill - Ex-Leader of SG-1, Ex-Head of Stargate Command, Head of Homeworld Security
Lt Col. Samantha Carter - 2nd in Command of SG-1, SGC's head Scientist
Teal'c - Member of SG-1, Ex-First Prime of Apophis, Member of Free Jaffa Council
Vala Mal Doran - Member of SG-1, Ex-Goa'uld

Stargate Atlantis

Season 3, 2012

Doctor Carson Beckett - Chief Medical Officer of Atlantis
Doctor Elizabeth Weir - Leader of Atlantis, Ex-head of Stargate Command
Major Evan Lorne - Chief security officer of Atlantis
Lt Col. John Sheppard - Chief military Officer of Atlantis
Doctor Radek Zelenka - Second scientist of Atlantis
Doctor Rodney McKay - Chief scientist of Atlantis
Ronon Dex - Sole survivor of Sateda
Colonel Steven Caldwell - Second military officer of Atlantis, commander of the Daedalus
Teyla Emmagan - Leader of the Athosians
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